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  • Updates since the roll out of the Social Housing Green Paper
  • Understanding the housing department’s policy sponsorship relationship with Homes England and the new role of the regulator
  • Ensuring homes are safe and decent through enhanced asset maintenance and repairs
  • Addressing the stigma that residents in social housing face
  • Boosting the supply of social housing and supporting home ownership
  • Removing the HRA borrowing cap

  • Launching the housing delivery fund to support small and medium sized developers
  • Transforming the way we sell public land in order to deliver 300,000 homes per year by 2020
  • Building & working on strategic partnerships with housing associations
  • Working with the new regulators to achieve a common goal

  • Reviewing the decent home standard for the first time since 2006 to reflect government’s updated priorities
  • Delivering a high standard of homes for all social tenants
  • Discussion on housing league tables and the need for a rigid framework
  • Transparency as a desirable goal and an enabler of tenant security
  • The need for openness from landlords on fire safety assessments

  • Addressing the impact of Brexit on the availability of labour & trade sourcing
  • Discussing the housing sector’s reliance on EU supply chains and protecting the UK’s best interests amidst no-deal fears
  • Preparing for the impact of Brexit on house prices in the private sector and how this affects housing associations

  • Creating a regulatory framework which ensures consistency across all buildings
  • Ensuring that individuals understand why all regulations are in place, and take responsibility where appropriate
  • Managing existing stocks of buildings as well as brand new ones in line with new regulations
  • Making sure that adherence to regulations continues past the construction stage, well into maintenance

  • Discussion on the impact of Housing Benefit with Universal Credit; the story so far
  • Local housing allowance cap & impact on homelessness
  • Minimising disruption to tenants
  • Dealing with migration of all customers onto UC
  • Hear from authorities where UC has already been implemented

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The role of councils in boosting housing supply
  • Exploring the Great Estate Project
  • Delivering quality homes and outstanding community facilities which residents deserve
  • Addressing the stigma which council housing tenants face
4:10 pm
4:30 pm
Temporary housing on temporary land; London boroughs and modular homes
  • Forming partnerships with other London boroughs to make use of empty land
  • Using modular housing as temporary accommodation to help meet demand
  • Understanding the implications of modular housing on our workforce
4:30 pm
4:50 pm
Working together to deliver affordable housing
  • Exploring one of the largest joint venture regeneration projects in the country
  • Replacing over 11,000 new homes
  • Forming partnerships with private sector companies to increase efficiency
  • Winning over residents and transforming the reputation of the community
  • Revamping and replacing basic necessities in order to ensure the benefits of regeneration for future residents
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The business case for digitalisation
  • Promoting digital platforms to transform how organisations work
  • Implementing infrastructure & adapting to change
  • Going paperless and preparing for the future
  • Utilising technology to increasing customer engagement
  • Automating processes whilst remaining present
4:10 pm
4:30 pm
Case Study: How digital transformation is transforming the tenant experience
  • Results from the implementation of a self-service portal
  • Managing tenant relationships online
  • Understanding the nuts and bolts of new technology implementation
  • Keeping tenants at the heart of all new decisions
4:30 pm
4:50 pm
The MiiHome Project; Technology for Assisted living
  • Consideration of technology to cope with our ageing population
  • Results from a ground breaking trial; piloting smart home technology to help elderly tenants feel safe at home
  • Testing a system to detect deterioration in a person’s health
  • The practicalities of wide-spread implementation of the technology into future homes
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Strengthening the tenant voice via improved resident engagement
  • Understanding the needs of different tenants
  • Engaging with residents and managing relationships
  • Working towards representation of tenants at a national level
  • Using new technologies to make sure tenants are understood
4:10 pm
4:30 pm
Shaping future communities with placemaking schemes; the case for community investment
  • Building sustainable communities which can continue to evolve and grow into the future
  • Incorporating technology into new homes which promote sustainability and tenant welfare
  • Supporting residents through education & employment hubs
  • A deep dive into the cost of placemaking schemes
4:30 pm
4:50 pm
Case study: Working together to promote fire safety
  • Entering into a new partnership with the West Midlands Fire Service
  • Improving fire safety measures and ensuring regulations are up to date
  • Getting ahead of the game with regard to fire safety law