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Carole Galsworthy

Director of ICT, Business Improvement & Communications
Halton Housing (Confirmed)

Carole has worked in housing for almost 10 years in a number of senior roles. In her current role as Director of Transformation, Carole looks after ICT, Business Improvement, Marketing & Communications and Innovation at Halton Housing. Carole is heading up a ground-breaking Digital First programme which is radically changing the way customers access the organisation’s services and how these services are delivered. Carole has successfully delivered a programme of work that saw fully flexible / remote working introduced alongside a revitalised office environment that completely changed how and where colleagues work. Carole is a keen advocate of utilising fully integrated systems and technology to deliver wholesale change to ensure services are delivered in the most effective and efficient way in the future, ensuring that everyone has access to the right information at the right time in the right place via the right medium. Prior to her role at Halton Housing Carole worked in the commercial world across logistics where her roles included customer services, account management and systems development and implementation.

  • Results from the implementation of a self-service portal
  • Managing tenant relationships online
  • Understanding the nuts and bolts of new technology implementation
  • Keeping tenants at the heart of all new decisions